Why is Holi celebrated? Where and When did Holi started in India

History of Holi | Why is Holi celebrated?

        The beginning of Holi is thought to be before the birth of Christ. Angered, the tyrant king determined to eliminate Prahalad with the aid of Holika, Hiranyakashipu’s sibling, that was immune to fire. Also today, the tale of Holika is re-enacted by stars on Holi.

The Legend of Holika as well as Prahlad

     There was once a demon king by the name of Hiranyakashyap that won over the kingdom of earth. He was so egoistic that he regulated everybody in his kingdom to prayer just him. But to his great disappointment, his son, Prahlad became an ardent follower of Lord Naarayana and rejected to prayer his father.

     Hiranyakashyap attempted a number of ways to kill his son Prahlad but Lord Vishnu conserved him each time. He asked his sis, Holika to go into a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap. For, Hiranyakashyap understood that Holika had an advantage, whereby, she could enter the fire unscathed.

       Treacherously, Holika coaxed young Prahlad to sit in her lap and she herself took her seat in a blazing fire. The legend has it that Holika had to pay the price of her sinister desire by her life. Holika was not aware that the benefit worked only when she went into the fire alone.

      Prahlad, that maintained chanting the name of Lord Naarayana all this while, came out unscathed, as the lord blessed him for his severe devotion.

       Thus, Holi acquires its name from Holika. And also, is celebrated as a celebration of success of good over evil.
Holi is additionally celebrated as the victory of a devotee. As the legend depicts that anyone, howsoever strong, can not harm a real devotee. As well as, those who dare torture a true devotee of god will be reduced to ashes.

Celebration of the Legend

       Even today, individuals enact the scene of ‘Holika’s burning to ashes’ every year to note the victory of good over evil. There is even a practice of hurling cow dungs into the fire and shouting profanities at it as if at Holika.

       Further, on the last day of Holi, people take a little fire from the bonfire to their houses. It is believed that by following this custom their homes will be rendered pure and their bodies will be devoid of disease. At a number of places there is additionally a tradition of cleaning up houses, getting rid of all dirty articles from around the house as well as burning them. Disease-breeding bacteria are thereby destroyed as well as the hygienic condition of the area is boosted.

Where was Holi first celebrated?

       There are several types of Holi celebrated in India as well as the mythology states the beginning of the Holi festival first observed as well as started in the Barsana region of India including Mathura, Nandgaon, Vrindavan, as well as Barsana.

When did holi started in India

       The Holi festival is an ancient Hindu festival with its social routines. It is mentioned in the Puranas, Dasakumara Charita, as well as by the poet Kālidāsa throughout the 4th century reign of Chandragupta II. The celebration of Holi is likewise mentioned in the 7th-century Sanskrit drama Ratnavali. The festival of Holi captured the attraction of European traders as well as British colonial staff by the 17th century. Different old versions of Oxford English Dictionary state it, however with differing, phonetically derived spellings: Houly (1687 ), Hooly (1698 ), Huli (1789 ), Hohlee (1809 ), Hoolee (1825 ), and also Holi in editions published after 1910.



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