The Meaning of Different Colors used in Holi Festival :: The Festival of Colors

Holi is the festival of colours. The different colours that are used during Holi are what makes the festival so fun and amazing. The colours are the bearers of joy and laughter and obviously the most important aspects of the Holi festival. Nowadays there are so many different colours available which we can play with and enjoy, but earlier people used to make natural colours at home using flowers and other natural substances.

This was the reason why there were lesser colours at that time but each colour used to symbolise a proper meaning. And playing with these colours still holds a lot of significance. Let us understand what each colour stands for and understand its significance. Meaning of Different Colors used in Holi Festival:-

Red Colour

The red colour is one of the most popularly used colours. This colour has a great and happy meaning and is very significant it is not only used in holi but also used in various other things too. The colour symbolizes love, weddings, and fertility. That is why Hindus put a red tiki, married women apply red kumkum and wear red coloured clothes for the same reason.

Yellow Colour

Yellow is a very bright and happiness-inducing colour. It is therefore very widely used during Holi.  In ancient times, this colour was made with turmeric powder. It symbolizes happiness and good health.

It is also the colour Lord Vishnu likes, so that makes it even more special. The colour is also known to depict knowledge, learning, and peace and joy. And you should definitely play with this colour during Holi.

Green Colour

The green colour is another colour that can naturally be obtained from spinach. It is also seen warming the hearts of people during Holi and many people really love this colour. The colour symbolizes the new beginnings, harvest, freshness and virility.

It is said that since Lord Rama was banished in the forest for all his life, the green colour is what calmed him as it also represents nature and its beauty.

Orange Colour

Orange is another colour that we absolutely love. This colour is super special and can energize your life instantly. It is also considered to be the colour of the sun and hence linked with spreading light and a new day.

This colour reminds us of how strong we are and how we should leave the past behind us and move forward. This colour is also known to symbolize forgiveness to start afresh again.

Pink Colour

People love this colour the most. This colour is the symbol of positivity and kindness. And establishes caring and compassion as some of the most important virtues. The pink colour also tells us about fun and is generally extracted from beetroot naturally.

Purple Colour

Purple is the colour of magic and mystery. It is the colour that symbolizes the horizons of mew new possibilities. It’s calming and soothing. It tells us to relax and not to rush. It is also one of the most widely used colours that you can make with red cabbage pigment at home.


Meaning of Different Colors used in Holi Festival



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