Best Holi Gifts for Your Friends & Family

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1. Holi Special Silver Pichkari with Bucket Gift Hamper || This may be your best holi gift

Holi is also about meeting and bonding with others. Sometimes we have an opportunity to meet friends and family after a long time. What could be better than to gift this fantastic silver Pichkari with a bucket and make it all more memorable? We hope that you liked our list of Holi items if you are wondering some of the best places to be on Holi, we have that too covered for you || This may be your best holi gift
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2. Happy Holi D-3 Gift Coffee Mug || This may be your best holi gift

Holi is all about meeting people. We meet family, friends, and foe (yes!) and share the happiness with them. This item can be a less expensive yet great gift for visitors and hosts. A small gesture goes a long way in sharing happiness on a colorful day. Please do comment and share these 10 Must buy items for Holi for others to benefit from. Do give us your feedback by commenting || This may be your best holi gift
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3. Holi Herbal Gulal Tota Gift Pack 10Pcs of 100 Gms Pack

Herbal is the way to go on the occasion of Holi. For Holi Celebration, Skin Friendly, Natural Fragrance Handmade Holi Gulal-Pack of 4 Assorted Color should be enough for a small family. Play Holi the safest, hygienic and healthy way.

• This Gulal is made from naturally procured ingredients, This pack contains assorted colors & it will be set as per the availability. Product Weight 80 gram each

• Completely handmade, Natural fragrances, soft & glossy, finely filtered, made if maize starch & over petals

• Best before 24 months from the date of packaging

• This product is free from any allergenic potential offering non-toxic, pure and safe Holi Gulal Keep pouring the colors, celebrate with peace of mind.

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4. Gift Bag Herbal Gulal Pichkari And More

This a one-stop item for all your Holi needs, you get herbal Gulal, Pichkari and much more.

• Content: 4 Vedant Herbal Gulal 100 Gms Each 1 Pichkari (Squirter) 1 packet of 100 Pcs Water Ballon 1 Pc Chandan Total Unit = 7

• And of course, these are for External Use Only. Not that I was telling you that would consume them!

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